Q: After booking, is it possible to change the date of the class?

A: Please let me know as soon as possible. If there is a slot available for your preferred date or time we are flexible and I would be glad to accomodate you.   


Q: Is it possible to participate if I have no cooking experience?

A: Of course, I teach in such a way that even the person with the most basic skills can enjoy cooking.


Q: Is it normal for a man to come to a cooking class by himself?

A: Of course, I have many guests both men and women who participate by themselves. It is a great way to meet other people with similar interests.


Q: Do we have to bring aprons?

A: No. You don't have to bring anything. I will provide aprons and towels for free.


Q: Are there accomodations for food restrictions?  I am not able to eat pork because of my religion, and I am allergic to shellfish, can I still participate?

A: I try to comply with your requests except a kind of sake, as we use cooking sake and mirin in Japanese recipes. Please write your food restrictions in the Booking form.  If possible, please provide me with any necessary information at least three days before the class.     


Q: Is e-mail the only contact method

A: Yes, I would like to communicate by e-mail, as I cannot pick up the phone during my class and/or work.


Q: If I'm running late, what should I do?

A: If by chance you are running late, we will wait for you at the station for up to 10 minutes. However some guests have to fly home immediately after the class. so I have to focus on making sure the class runs on time. I really appriciate your cooperation, and please try your best to be on time.


Q: Can we start early in the morning (9:00 am), or late in the afternoon (5:00 pm)?

A: I basically open the class from 9:00am~, or 10:00am~. However, if you would attend the private class, we can probably fix our time.


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