I use high quality ingredients such as raw fish from Tsukiji fish market

You Tube "Sauteed lotus recipe" ↑ click
You Tube "Sauteed lotus recipe" ↑ click

About Yuka Mazda:

Many of the recipes I have created  have been published in various media venues around Japan. I have made appearances on TV shows, my recipes have been published in many magazines, and I frequently host cooking lessons in my house and studio.  


●TV show

My class was introduced by the Japanese Broadcasting station (NHK)

German radio station

Natto, Konnyaku, radio, Japanese food, Japanese ingredients, diet food

Yuka is introducing Japanese food such as Natto and Konnyaku on German radio station

●Yuka's Published Works

These are some books written by Yuka. The first book "203" sold really well. The second book was a really cheap cooking book written for young people that could be bought at 500 yen stores.

Yuka's main focus is writing magazine articles, she really likes to write nice recipes so that families can enjoy healthy Japanese cooking.

Shirokane 5, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan