I use high quality ingredients such as raw fish from Tsukiji fish market

You Tube "Sauteed lotus recipe" ↑ click
You Tube "Sauteed lotus recipe" ↑ click

About Yuka Mazda:

Many of the recipes I have created  have been published in various media venues around Japan. I have made appearances on TV shows, my recipes have been published in many magazines, and I frequently host cooking lessons in my house and studio.  


Thank you so much for visiting "Yuka's Japanese Cooking Class", the Japanese Home Cooking Class in Tokyo!  Are you planning a visit Tokyo and would like to try cooking Japanese food and cuisine at home?  If so you have come to the right place.  Yuka’s cooking School in Tokyo is a great way to learn how to make traditional Japanese dishes if you don’t speak Japanese and/or are visiting Japan.  You can  experience a REAL JAPANESE HOME as well as learn to cook TRADITIONAL JAPANESE MEALS.  Most sushi courses in Tokyo are taught in Japanese, therefore it can be very difficult to understand and enjoy the class.  So if you really want to make the most of your time in Japan, try Yuka’s sushi class in little Tokyo! 


Yuka started teaching how to cook because she realized she has a strong passion for teaching really EASY AND SIMPLE JAPANESE HOME MEALS and also PROFESSIONAL MENUS IN THE RESTAURANT that anyone can learn.  She first started her career as a Chef by publishing many books and magazines and has even been featured on many Japanese cooking shows.  One reason why it is so difficult for people to learn Japanese cooking is that the Japanese restaraunts rarely feature menu's that you can cook at home.  At Yuka's Japanese Class you learn how to make Japanese cuisines that ANYONE FROM ANY COUNTRY CAN LEARN.  Yuka's Cooking class is also the number one cooking class for foreigners on Trip Advisor.



There are four different Japanese cooking courses to choose from listed below.  Yuka’s cooking class is different from the other cooking classes in Tokyo because you are able to experience a real Japanese cooking class from the comfort of a traditional Japanese home.  In actuality, making sushi is much harder than it looks.  There are specific things you have to do in order to make sure the shape, texture and flavor of the sushi is just right.  In addition to preparing the sushi, Yuka teaches her students how to cut the fish block at just the right angle to make the sushi look extremely professional. Sushi also has different levels of quality, and with Yuka’s sushi class you will get the most delicious savory tuna cuts that you can find in Tokyo.

There are four different cooking courses to choose from at Yuka's Cooking Class in Tokyo.  You can see the details of each class by clicking on the following links: 

Gyoza (dumplings) & Wagyu Beef Gyudon Course,  Sushi CourseTeriyaki Course and Okonomiyaki Course.           CONTACT


●TV show

My class was introduced by the Japanese Broadcasting station (NHK)

German radio station

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Yuka is introducing Japanese food such as Natto and Konnyaku on German radio station

●Yuka's Published Works

These are some books written by Yuka. The first book "203" sold really well. The second book was a really cheap cooking book written for young people that could be bought at 500 yen stores.

Yuka's main focus is writing magazine articles, she really likes to write nice recipes so that families can enjoy healthy Japanese cooking.



Learning how to make sushi with Yuka was a great experience! She picked us up at the station and took us to her place. There we made fools of ourselves while making delicious sushi. We even got to make some miso soup!

The whole experience was very refreshing. Yuka is really passionate about cooking and wants her guests to truly enjoy themselves. If you are thinking about taking a sushi class while in Japan,  you can't get better then this one! You won't regret it!


This is truly a great experience we can really recommend to everyone visiting Tokyo. Yuka was great providing us with a wealth of information not only about sushi making but also daily life in Japan. Thye sushi part however was great fun and we managed to make a superb set of different sushi like the one on the pictures. We also learned a lot about the differenbt ingredients. The course which also included salad and dessert is also fun with somewhat grown up kids-our are 11/13 and enjoyed it a lot. As the course is in her flat you also get a view of a kitchen and living room, I need to emphasize again that the warm and friendly atmosphere during the course and we certainly recommend everyone. The only negative thing is that the time passed very fast. Yuka, let me thank you again for this wonderful experience.


Cooking with Yuka was amazing! She is a very talented chef as evidenced by her international at portfolio. Who speaks wonderful English with a delicate French accent. I had a wonderful time with her. The time flew by to quickly. I wish we could have spent the entire day cooking and talking. All of the food we prepared was exquisite! I certainly had a full and happy stomach after my lesson! A+activity! 5 stars!

Mei Ying

We signed up for a sushi class with Yuka, who was a joy to learned from. Having been to a number of cooking classes at different culinary schools around the world, my husband and I were looking forward to this sushi class. The session was casual and entertaining and took place in Yuka's kitchen at home, so it was like hanging out with a friend at their home. Yuka was gracious host and spared no expense in ensuring the quality and freshness of the ingredients used in the sushi class. She was also patient and accommodating, and tailored a special sushi making class just for my husband and me. We're so glad we signed up for lessons with Yuka instead of a commercial cooking school. We're difinitely recommending her to anyone wanting to learn the art of sushi making.


I highly recommendthis. Yuka is really nice and her cooking is professional. Learnedd a lot and a wonderful time! She even took pictures and emailed them, along with extra recipes afterwards. Thank you!


Yuka-san was great! we made awesome Niku Jyaga and Kamameshi! great expereince and highly recommended!


Yuka was amazing! She adjusted the menu at our request, showed us howto make wonderful meal, was enthusiastic and fun! We loved being in her kitchen and making sushi with her--a wonderful instructor and gracious host. Would definitely recommend to anyone taking a class with Yuka.


If you're interested in Japanese food, sushi class in tokyo, are a Foodie in general or simply want to collect really unique memories on your trip this is for you!

Yuka provided a wide variety of fresh ingredients and herbs you did not even know anybody would put into a sushi roll!

Not only does she have ezcellent cooking skills but she is also a great, experienced teacher. You can be sure that after this lesson you'll know all about sushi you wanted to know and more.

Definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone.

Shirokane , Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan