★Gyoza & Wagyu Beef Gyudon & Miso Soup

gyoza, dumpling, dumplings
Gyoza (dumplings)

1) Gyoza  - We make fillings with minced pork/chicken and vegetables and wrap with gyoza wrappers.  Then we steam and fry the wrapped dumplings to create crispy Japanese gyoza. Gyoza is one of the most popular dish in Japan. I teach you much nicer than you eat in the restaurant.

gyudon, beef bowl,

2) Wagyu Gyudon (Beef bowl) 

- We simmer beef and onion with sweet and salty sauce. Then we place the simmered beef with the sauce on top of the warm sticky rice.

miso, soup
Miso soup

3) Miso Soup - First, we will be making Japanese dash stock by taking bonito flakes and dried kombu kelp. Then add miso into the dashi stock. There are some kind of miso, then I will explan how to use the mizo paste. If you like, you can taste them and choose whichever you like. Depending on the season, the types of vegetables we put in the soup will vary.

Boiled rice
Boiled rice

4) We are very particular about how to cook sticky rice.


Boiling rice
Boiling rice

Instead of using a rice cooker, we will cook rice in an ordinary pot using an easy but efficient method.

dashi, broth, kombu, bonito
Kombu kelp and bonito flakes

We make soup stock (dashi) from kombu kelp and bonito flakes.   


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