★Gyoza & Ramen & Chashu Salad Class


Gyoza (Dumping) - We make fillings with minced pork/chicken and vegetables and wrap with gyoza wrappers, then make crispy gyoza. Gyoza is one of the most popular dish in Japan. I teach you much nicer than you eat in the restaurant.


To make gyoza we first make fillings with minced pork/chicken and vegetables.  Then we will wrap the fillings with gyoza wrappers, then we steam and fry the wrapped dumplings to create crispy Japanese gyoza.



Ramen - We make ramen soup from scratch

Chashu-pork - We make chashu-pork for toppings and salad

Ramen egg - We make ramen eggs for toppings

 Chashu-pork Salad
Chashu-pork Salad


Chashu-pork Salad - We make chashu with some seasoning. We usually use chashu for ramen toppings. We can also make salad with this chashu-pork which goes with sake and beer.

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